Drama Academy Baildon

We offer a wide choice of drama classes here at the Urban Edge Academy located in Baildon, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Our aim is to help develop the character of each pupil using a variety of drama techniques.

It is our main objective to focus on the individuality of each pupil and take them through a journey of self-expression.  Our ethos is “every child matters”.

Our pupils will all work within the vast area of improvisation, which we believe to be the key to self-expression.


Here at Urban Edge Academy improvisation assists the individual to explore concepts and ideas in an environment that is safe and controlled.

Improvisation has very few boundaries as it welcomes spontaneity and creates a strong belief that anything is possible.  Pupils will have to think on their feet and to act on impulse at certain times.

During the drama classes our pupils will have to expand upon and explore their creativity, as improvisation is extremely hands on.  Our pupils are expected to get very involved and to give strong personal input during certain activities.

All drama classes are pre-planned and will be guided by an experienced drama tutor.  We will set weekly themes and for these our pupils will work on current real-life issues.

We will guide pupils on a special journey of self-expression.  Our tutors thrive on building the self-esteem and confidence of each pupil.  It is our belief that these things can lead to a happier, more fulfilled future.

Alongside drama classes we offer street dance classes and street dance lessons at our leading contemporary dance school: all have a strong urban dance edge.

If you are looking for a drama and dance academy with lots of passion, enthusiasm and bags of creative flair come along to the Urban Edge Academy.

Dance and Drama Tots

Here at Urban Edge Academy we offer classes for children as young as 3 years of age.  It is our belief that children as young as 3 years of age are already starting to discover and explore the world of creativity and expression. We believe it’s very important to encourage and guide children to be able to express themselves as soon as they are able to show an interest. We have therefore created an hour of dance & drama, where young tots can explore their creativity in an environment that is safe and controlled.

What to expect

Dance and Drama Tots is a packed hour filled with exciting activities and games. Children will be given different themes every week and will take part in small activities that will fully explore these.  The children will also take part in sing along, movement based work and songs towards small, basic dance routines. Parents are very welcome to take part or sit and wait for their tot to finish this fun-filled class.

When are the classes

Monday Evenings

4.30pm – 5.30pm

Ages 3 – 5 years