Dance Academy Baildon

Visit Urban Edge Academy and become part of a leading contemporary dance academy in Baildon, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

All the dance techniques we teach here at our dance academy offer a very diverse, contemporary and urban edge.

Our dance classes run for youngsters from as young as three years old.  Classes are split into categories depending on age and not ability, as this takes forward the right of equality.

We offer a wide range of dance classes at the academy:

Street Dance

Street Dance is a style of dance that was thought was evolved in New York during the1970’s: by dancers who took dance away from the studio and out into the streets.  Street dance became mainstream during the 1980’s and with all the hype surrounding it found its way into dance studios. It has now firmly become a dance style that has become commercialised and that is taught within studios and used within music videos.

It is an improvisational style that works differently for every individual. There are different street dance techniques that can be taught, including popping and locking or breaking.

Urban Edge Academy

Street Dance Classes: Monday Evenings

Time: 5.45pm – 6.45pm

Ages: 6 – 13years


Urban Edge Academy offers Poi: a performance art that involves a ball or balls being suspended from a piece of flexible material, normally a plaited cord, and held in the hand and swung around in circular patterns.  This is one of the traditional performing arts of Maori people in New Zealand.  It has been developed into many different forms and is used worldwide as a hobby, exercise or a performance art together with juggling and other styles of object manipulation.

It is said that Poi was first used by ancient Maori men to help develop their wrist flexibility for using hand weapons, including the club-like patu, kotiate and mere.

Today you can find Poi dancers performing next to jugglers, staff spinners and other such like performers.  Or, you can simply take part in classes at Urban Edge Academy.

There are many benefits of Poi spinning.  These include developing concentration, body co-ordination and brain co-ordination.  It also shares some of the same benefits of yoga and meditation, because of the concentration and focus that is needed.  People taking part can expect to become as one with the Poi: being in the moment.  It can help people to feel happier and more relaxed.

Poi Exercise

Poi spinning is a rhythmical and graceful movement. It brings co-ordination, confidence, and strong understanding of the body’s balance left and right, while getting the mind to concentrate.

With Poi spinning each stage becomes more definite and easier. It counter-balances naturally each change of personal reactions, which is characteristic of all individual personalities. Learning Poi as a process is unique for every person.

Learning Poi brings you lots of personal benefits beyond simply the basics of being able to experience and enjoy this old tribal art. Poi is very effective for training the right and left hand side of the body/mind.

Poi can be extremely beneficial for individuals with special needs, including ADHD and dyslexia  – by improving their co-ordination, concentration and much more.

These are some of the 25 body parts that benefit from Poi dancing:

Brain – right side – The right side of your brain processes information in a less structured, more holistic manner.

Brain – left side – The left side of your brain recalls information, which is processed in a logical and factual way.

Eyes – Improving visual awareness of hand/eye co-ordination and space.

Nose – Learning the inhaling and exhaling breathing pattern, which is similar to the somatic approach of yoga.

Neck – Stretching and turning movements can help you to show further emotion whilst performing.

Wrists, Hands and Fingers – These are probably the most crucial body parts that are used during Poi spinning. The wrists, hands and fingers control the movements and the directions of the Poi. Your hands will discover how to talk and help the Poi tell their own tale!

Arms – The direction and extension of your arm movements can be used to show emotion, force and intention allowing the poi to give various visual effects.

Poi: A whole new world of visual arts

Poi is an extremely exciting new art form and there is certainly nothing else like it out there! Its beautiful shows of colour are stunning and they are enough to get everyone hooked! Once you discover and explore the motion of Poi in your own hands, you will not be able to put the Poi down!

Just come along to your first Poi class at Urban Edge Academy and give it a go!

There is now another Dance & Drama School that will provide you such a thrilling adventure!

You will not be disappointed: come and join in the next big thing!